Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic)

Secret Sister(One Direction Fanfic)

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Niall and Kayla are twins and they were best friends until they got to secondary school. Promises were broken. Niall went off into the popular group and Kayla stayed unknown. Bullied by her brother and his friends. She had no one.

Kayla got sent to live with Niall and his band mates after Niall became famous and got put into the band One Direction. After many difficulties she ran away and she made something of herself. She became Kayla, worldwide sensation looked up to by many. Kayla Horan was gone and so was her relationship with her family.

What happens when Kayla is forced to go on tour with the boys? Who will she fall in love with? And will she stay strong during the most difficult time of her life?

Read to find out...

HeadUpInSpace HeadUpInSpace Dec 13, 2016
This reminds me of that episode in the Simpsons when they make a cake for Homer and it says: At least you tried  😂😅
baileyk15 baileyk15 Feb 23, 2016
"When Niall comes back" oh so you think he's not gonna make it
YEAH STUPID I'm just kidding D: I just can't believe that Niall would be dumb enough to forgot about his own sister :I even if he rlly doesn't have one is real life tho.
x_x_jade_x_x x_x_jade_x_x Jan 06, 2016
It could be that the author started the story with Chapter two bc they re twins.  
                              Its creative :)
LolaAdams LolaAdams Dec 27, 2015
The same two comments are on hee. Lol. What is saying different things so 2012 too. Or maybe Niall ate it.  😑
- - Jun 13, 2015
I was eating a bowl of assorted snacks and I dropped my phone into it and started snickering and I fell off the couch and died