Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader

Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader

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i demand snow By dacatnextdoor14 Completed

You climbed the famous Mt. Ebott to prove to a group of your friends that humans don't disappear when they go up the mountain. While walking around the peak, you trip over a root in the ground and fall forward, expecting to hit the ground. Instead, you were met with open air. As you fell down the large hole, you let out a shrill scream before hitting the ground and blacking out. 

When you wake up, you find yourself in the Underground where monsters had been banished to by the humans. 

You meet several monsters down in the Underground, some becoming friends and some becoming enemies. One particular monster though, has been making your heart flutter and your tongue get tied. 

Sans the skeleton. 

A new threat appears when a human that had been thought to be dead comes back and threatens you and the entire Underground. Will you be able to stop them or will you be used as a puppet and watch your friends die?

Maybe the only thing that can defeat LOVE is love...

Author's Note: this was my very first story so sorry if there's bad grammar or confusing scenes, enjoy my awful writing!


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Aristeroid Aristeroid Aug 18
"Hey, aren't you human? You look human."
                              BRUH IF I LOOK HUMAN I AM HUMAN
Panda89074 Panda89074 Jul 10
Pffft I'm really out of order, I just finished Your Gaster Sans story :')
Oh my gosh my blue line that tells me where i am in the chapter wasn't working it was moving really slowly. So im thinking how long is this chapter but it was actually short I just had to scroll.
*you cried out , your last breath seemingly withering away
                              *once again you cried out
                              *And again
                              *You cried again for the chocolate
                              *But nobody came
                              I tried to make it dramatic but i cant write for the life of me :P
Someone, it's supposed to be, "don't you know how to greet a friend?"
*But nobody came.
                              I'm interested in your books, especially Listen To The Music – Dancetale Sans x Reader and I was wondering if I could make your book covers? I'm not that good, sorry lol. If your interested just comment on one of my books and I'll get to it!