Prince of Knights (A Bedouin Love Story) #Wattys2017

Prince of Knights (A Bedouin Love Story) #Wattys2017

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    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركات

Faris smirked then without moving away he seized the end of her scarf and tugged on it so that the garment fell on her shoulders revealing her glossy hair that decorated her back like a waterfall. That moment Jabber's words stabbed his pride like sharp needles and to prove himself that this woman standing before him with ragged breathing, and clenched fists belonged to him, Faris brushed his rough fingers on her jaw.

Raghad jerked away from him furious, however, she wasn't quick enough as Faris snaked his other hand around her waist and pushed her closer to him. Raghad pressed her palms on his wide chest and glared at Faris with such an intensity that it would have set fire to a frozen log.


    Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry, and hospitality. They are also known for their bravery and leadership. Faris, son of Sheikh Mubarak a hard-hearted man known among his tribe. No man is brave enough to raise his voice in his presence. His mission was to demolish his enemy's tribe for annihilating one of his men. However, fate decided something new when blood feud was only resolved by his marriage to the daughter of his enemy.
    Raghad is just like any other Muslim girl, who wishes to marry the man of her dreams but she meets Faris the Knight with no heart. He only fears his Lord his maker and no one else. With no other option to resolve blood feud Raghad steps over her dreams to shield her tribe.
    Will Faris unbolt the gates of his heart for her? Read to find out what happens in this love story.
    Prince of Knights, based on a Bedouin lifestyle.

Gulrang1 Gulrang1 Jul 27
Hey can you help me why is it that I see 37 chaps uploaded and I get to see 34 in the chaptchapter box thingy? I cant open the others 😭😭😭😭😭😭
IsGreat IsGreat Oct 15, 2016
Me too, as a muslim I believe that what you are doing is a way to help other people understand what Islam really is.
i8awesome i8awesome Feb 08, 2016
im a muslim and for some reason when i hear about other muslims like that it makes me get emotionally the good kind like im proud or something i just feel like crying pls reply if anyone feels the same or im just wierd like that
NourHousein NourHousein Sep 27, 2016
Iam very proud of you because you are giving the true picture on islam .many people believe that this religion is kinda terrorist (unfortunately due to the media ) . Please update soon 😣😣😣love from lebanon
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Hey when will you feel like updating its not funny how you make us wait for three month and there is still no update I don't think you can't find an hour once every month to update and the votes are enough don't punish us we cant vote twice please update now we waited enough
rupshadasgupta rupshadasgupta Mar 06, 2016
It's a beautiful story. I wish you'd update more often.... I really can't take the suspense.