Fake It For Me

Fake It For Me

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happily-us By happily-us Updated Dec 01, 2018

Zachariah (Zac) Prince and Katherine (Kat) Shmee are just about as opposite as two people can get.  The only things they have in common are their hatred for their names, and their passion for art.

When Kat, the school's badass with purple hair, is told she's failing school, her chances at going to the art school of her dreams are on the line.  She turns to Zac, the school's nerd to help boost her grades.  Without money to pay with, she offers different tactics:  she'll teach him how to seduce the head cheerleader into his bed. 

Zac is the epitome of "unexperienced."  When his rebel neighbor asks for his help tutoring her, he jumps at the chance to learn the art of seduction and sex from the girl with the most experience.

What will happen when this unlikely pair blur the lines in all the best ways?