Father 》l.s.

Father 》l.s.

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"Father, can I sit in your lap?"

"Uh, sure sweetie....Come here."

"Thanks, Daddy." 

"Um, Harry darling.....I didn't mean straddle me."

OR, Harry Tomlinson is the step-son of Louis Tomlinson. Danielle Tomlinson, Mr. Tomlinsons wife, died a year after they got married. How sad. That left Louis and Harry in a giant house surrounded by a blond chef, a brunette gardener, and a Bradford maid. Since Harry isn't Louis actual "son", he thought that maybe they cound "bond" together in a sexual way. Does Mr. Tomlinson approve of this? No, but I don't think you should ask him when a pair of plump, pink lips are surrounded around his cock.

Harry: 15

Louis: 31

ilowkeyloveu ilowkeyloveu Dec 29, 2016
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adidastommo18 adidastommo18 Dec 23, 2016
At first I saw the picture and was like ugh who tf is that and then I read what it said and I choked
lily1D_stylinson lily1D_stylinson Dec 21, 2016
                              The Tannerites 
                              Gay God
                              Danny reacts
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louis_tummy louis_tummy Nov 21, 2016
I'm sorry hold up, are we talkin about the same person here? 
                              Ya know Louis... like, Louis the Tommo Tomlinson
now_kiss_me_you_lou now_kiss_me_you_lou Oct 29, 2016
Have you seen his fooking dad, Nigel ? I mean... Freddie is one lucky lad