"I Can Cha-" No Fuck You

"I Can Cha-" No Fuck You

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I Have Yes Jams By SilverWind02 Updated Nov 30

Kris was innocent, kind, sweet- was. But he got rejected by his mate- did I forget to mention he's a wolf and a omega and his mate is an alpha? Yeah I probably did. Anyways when he got rejected something inside him snapped. He ran away and started a new life. But then he decided to go back to his pack, of course he wasn't going alone he brought some friends. So join Kris in this story. All I got to say is no regrets- well maybe a little.


Why am I putting another story when I can't even update one of my other stories, I don't even know anymore XD

This is my new favorite book, and you sir, are the funniest person I've seen on Wattpad. I need to know when the next updates are, like for real