My Bad Boy Neighbour | ✓

My Bad Boy Neighbour | ✓

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My crappiest story so far...

Brittany Hopkins has been impatiently waiting for the vacant house next door to be filled with people. She thinks of the house residents to be girls of her age with whom she can be friends with, but much to her surprise, there came two boys and their mother.

Jordan Brandy, aged 18 and Jason Brandy, aged 26 along with their mother Susan Brandy moved on Hilton street after Susan's husband died for reasons their family doesn't reveal to anyone. They become friends with the Hopkins who also have family problems of their own.

But for Jordan, the supposedly bad boy, is it just friendship with Brittany? Because his sudden interest in her stirs different feelings in Brittany. And one of them is surely hate.

This is not the average bad boy love. Secrets are revealed and unexpected things also happen. Because the bad boy isn't just bad, he's broken to.

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Widowed_Liar Widowed_Liar May 06, 2017
"Dan,what should we name her?"
                              "Phil, don't you d-"
                              "HOW ABOUT SUSAN?"
Already tell it’s a bad boy with daddy issues who most likely is in jail for abuse
StephB95 StephB95 Apr 04, 2017
This introduction is amazing and I agree keep up the good work.
ogiyonke22 ogiyonke22 Oct 07, 2016
I love it so far. This book seems interesting already. I've only read the blurb and the introductory paragraph and I'm already falling in love with it *clears throat* keep up the good work!
SaraIsALoser SaraIsALoser Nov 12, 2016
"Susan"... what is that sound?  oh it's the phandom laughing