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Individual Roleplay [CLOSED]

Individual Roleplay [CLOSED]

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Live Freely By FreeToLive_ Updated Jan 14

Individual Roleplay opportunities! Have fun my friends!

Ticktock_346 Ticktock_346 Oct 19, 2016
                              Height: 4.11
                              Personality:he's like a 6 year old and loves his older brother to death. He's so sweet and kind 
                              Appearance:black hair tail and ears,  green eyes , a big sweater and long pants, muddy shoes 
                              Likes:his brother and sweets
Trashy-TheTrashcan Trashy-TheTrashcan Aug 29, 2016
Lizzie was partnered up with Andrew to work on an art class project which wasn't that hard but since she never talked to him before it was kinda hard for her to say what she wanted to do
ll-leiiko-ll ll-leiiko-ll Aug 10, 2016
Is this still open? If so, could I with Mikayla? I don't want to flood you though.
p_aper_girl p_aper_girl Aug 30, 2016
Beth was walking down the sidewalk listing to her music and she bumbs into someone"im so sorry!!"
Usaginoko Usaginoko Jan 12
Sora, shiro, Ryuji and Taiga
                              ( I only know the first two lol XD)
GracelessHeart3 GracelessHeart3 Jul 17, 2016
Name: Barrie Stone
                              Age: 17 (younger then him still)
                              Gender: Female 
                              Height: 4,11
                              Species: human
                              Personality : shy ,sweet, kind, stubborn, smart
                              appearance: mid way down dirty blonde hair with green eyes and freckles 
                              Likes: sweets, and sour candy
                              Dislikes : Banana laughy taffy