Old Friend - Adrien Agreste /Chat Noir x Male Reader

Old Friend - Adrien Agreste /Chat Noir x Male Reader

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Porcupine By love_yourself_now Updated a day ago

You meet Adrien when you were young. Became best friends. Understood each other's problems. But sadly you had to move. 5 years later you come back. Will you remember each other? Will you still be friends? Or will love bloom? 

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Started: June 8, 2016
Ended: ?

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Jackaboo360 Jackaboo360 Jun 22
Guys...We all know he's an uke, at least compared to me anyway.....god I'm so dirty..
DanielLoach DanielLoach Dec 14, 2016
Adrian uke, model from England and definitely an underwear model amirite
lovechild5 lovechild5 Jul 17, 2016
Oooh man for something short it was nice to read!! Though updated on your own time yo😎😃😜✌💕💞💖😊😗😙😎
TheAnimeLife12 TheAnimeLife12 Sep 22, 2016
Ok, I've gotta know. Who the heck is gonna be the seme/top and who is gonna be the uke/bottom
Male-Yandere Male-Yandere Aug 04, 2016
Can't wait for the next update. Hopefully the chapter's a little longer next time though. P.S, love your story so far (^u^)
KuroganeHaku KuroganeHaku Dec 10, 2016
Adrien should be seme. He really does have the attitude of being a seme when he's Chat Noir... at least thats what i think....