My Enemy Is My Dominant (BDSM)

My Enemy Is My Dominant (BDSM)

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Lena❥ By CarnalDesire Updated Aug 07, 2014

•Contains Mature Content•

"Melanie. If you disobey me again. I will punish you. Do you understand me? I own you!" He groaned in my ear sending a wave of chills down my spine. "Yes sir." I moaned feeling his hand cup the sensitive flesh that lay beneath my now drenched underwear. 

Melanie Dupre has always despised Derrick Matthews. They have had it out for one another since they were children. But for absolutely no reason. Melanie has it all. Fame, beauty, glory, and money. Most people look up to her as if she was a princess.

Until one night were they accidently end up in the same bed as one another at her sister Abby's wedding. And Derrick has a proposition for Melanie. All she has to do is consent to being his submissive. 

Derrick Matthews  has a dark secret within him. He is brilliantly intimidating. He is sexy and charming and can get any woman that he pleases. Most woman just fall for his money. 

But the one woman that he wants. Doesn't want him. Or does she?

What would you do if your worst enemy was attracted to you?

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MoonChild_Fighter MoonChild_Fighter Apr 09, 2017
And Im sure that 'Matthews' took the role of possessive a while ago.
musicecho14 musicecho14 Oct 08, 2017
Mom. Lol it seems wierd like that cause in aus we spell it mum 😂😂
ishwaq2012 ishwaq2012 Aug 08, 2016
I'm so I am.  Going to take a risk by reading this book 😶
jaslovesfit jaslovesfit May 30, 2016
wtf does on the side mean? im so confused. where do we looooooooookkkkk???
slytherin_princess__ slytherin_princess__ Sep 05, 2016
Here come the 12 year olds, saying they can read whatever they want and talking shìt.
Alisaxoxo26 Alisaxoxo26 Jun 26, 2016
Im 13 and I love fanfic and I know more sexual stuff than most teens and adults dont worry Im good!😂