Country Girl Revenge [COMPLETED]

Country Girl Revenge [COMPLETED]

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celestialxcross By celestialxcross Completed

Natasha Harrison has been living her life as a happy go round countryside girl in the small part of New Zealand.

While waiting patiently for the return of her husband, she found out he has been married with another woman in New York and they already plan on having a small family of their own.

Feeling betrayed, she decided to go to New York and plan on revenge, that should be easy with the help of the successful young billionaire on her side.

Or is it ?


Completed Story !!!

(This story is unedited so if there are any grammar or vocabulary mistakes, please bear with it, and I will try to edit some if I have the time to, but I cannot exactly promise that due to my busy schedule)

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What a coward her husband is. Unable to face his wife and let her know that he would like to annul his marriage.
thestudentwriters thestudentwriters May 18, 2017
I read hither into hitler so my first thought was "of course he's a hitler, so that's why he did it." but then I read again and suddenly I realise I need to check my eyes XD
mjet_leo mjet_leo Apr 09, 2017
Hi..Just pointing out....One very common mistake. You don't say 'return back' simply return will do 😉
bohemian_sea bohemian_sea Sep 03, 2017
Is it just me or did anyone else also read Hitler the first time?
and also get married to a young hot billionaire who loves me along the way ;)
yes_impossible yes_impossible Sep 14, 2016
That twisted mister! Why would he come home like that knowing she was there