The Lion Guard: Curse of the Hyenas (an RP)

The Lion Guard: Curse of the Hyenas (an RP)

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Magdala the Deer By tomboydeer Updated Aug 01, 2016

A Lion Guard roleplay!

Janja and his clan are planning to overrun the Pride Lands and take back Pride Rock in honor of Scar.
Can the Lion Guard and their new allies take down Janja and his clan...or will Pride Rock return to it's state when Scar took over many years ago?

Kiara and Kovu will be grown up in this!

Greedlerbot99 Greedlerbot99 Aug 04, 2016
Name: Kim
                              Age: 16 (human years)
                              Coat: brown with tan paws
                              Eye color: bluish green
                              Personality: Has sensitive feelings and hates being judged by the others, hates being by myself
KaiAndFuli KaiAndFuli Jan 02
Noato's parents were killed by lions so he got hate and no matter how good the pridelands looked being nice, he aimed for  a kill every week
KaiAndFuli KaiAndFuli Jan 02
Nasami believed that Scar should have been the real king so she had hatred towards the pridelands.
KaiAndFuli KaiAndFuli Dec 30, 2016
                              Good, smart, tricky, nice, funny
                              He has no one but he got raised by rogues and became their son
RudolphXClarice RudolphXClarice Jul 28, 2016
Can I add in Kovu's 1st child Jason Jay (Kovu jr)
                              Age: 3
                              Coat: dark brown with blond paws and underbelly
                              eyes: Color of green peas.
                              Personailty: Acts like his dad's Past, quick, protective of everyone and judgemental.
                              Lion/leopard- pale grey color with dark grey and white spots. Striped tale with a white tip. White underbelly. Black claws, and green eyes
                              Mark: scar on her right eye 
                              Loyal, funny, protective, brave 
                              Backstory: none