The Lion Guard: Curse of the Hyenas (an RP)

The Lion Guard: Curse of the Hyenas (an RP)

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Magdala the Deer By tomboydeer Updated Aug 01, 2016

A Lion Guard roleplay!

Janja and his clan are planning to overrun the Pride Lands and take back Pride Rock in honor of Scar.
Can the Lion Guard and their new allies take down Janja and his clan...or will Pride Rock return to it's state when Scar took over many years ago?

Kiara and Kovu will be grown up in this!

MsPuppy98 MsPuppy98 Apr 03
She lived with her mom after her dad died in a fire, she and her mom moved into to pridelands, but her mom got killed by Janga and his clan, now she lives alone
Self confident, defensive, lovely, pure, honest, loyal, daring, stern ( at times ), happy, brave, resourceful.
MsPuppy98 MsPuppy98 Apr 03
Name mean night as she was born then and is just naturally dark, but likes kion
Lives with her mom and tried to find her lost brother but she gave up, after hearing he was dead. she lives in the pridelands now.
                              Information on my of book
                              Whoever voices Marissa in Kc Undercover
                              Good y'all!
Greedlerbot99 Greedlerbot99 Aug 04, 2016
Name: Kim
                              Age: 16 (human years)
                              Coat: brown with tan paws
                              Eye color: bluish green
                              Personality: Has sensitive feelings and hates being judged by the others, hates being by myself