I only lied to protect you [Emo (boyxboy)] (On Hold)

I only lied to protect you [Emo (boyxboy)] (On Hold)

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Tristan By DarkMatter666 Updated Aug 12, 2015

A boy named Lucas is the outcast of his family, he's labeled no matter where his foot touches. He's the one in his family to be abused because of his sexuality and the way he dresses, Lucas takes his pain away by smoking, self harm, drugs, alcohol, and fighting. How long will Lucas be able to hide his little secret from the one he loves? And will Lucas learn something about himself that not even he knew? 

This story may be triggering to some, if so please do not read <3

(Picture of Lucas on the side)

  • anger
  • emo
  • fighting
  • powers
  • self-harm
ramen_baee ramen_baee Aug 10, 2017
Jesus motherfûcking Christ!!! That picture!!! Omg I feel bad for that person!
hayhaythehouse hayhaythehouse May 27, 2017
I am great at math yet hate it because of my fûçkïñg 6th grade teacher who made me run out of the room cry don't ask it's a long story but yeah she was a bïtćh
mcr_syd mcr_syd Jun 30, 2018
I'm 13 I would play with dolls but I go to a school where if you don't act like an adult or whore than you get bullied.
velvetjunmyeon velvetjunmyeon Jan 06, 2018
The closest I've gotten without being attacked by my family is only eating with them
blackveilbrides111 blackveilbrides111 Aug 08, 2016
I wouldn't eat but my family watches me like a hawk when it's time to eat
Never_Juliet Never_Juliet Apr 17, 2016
I'm sorry but that's hot! I claim him!!!!!! I'm also known on wattpad to claim so hehehe