The Stilinski Bloodline

The Stilinski Bloodline

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StormStilinski24 By StormStilinski24 Updated Nov 25, 2017

Beacon Hills is the beacon of all the supernatural creatures.
At least ever since three teenagers sacrificed themselves to save the lives of their parents and then, after 16 hours, came back to life...
Their names:
Scott McCall (true alpha)
Allison Argent (died a few weeks after the ritual)
and Stiles Stilinski (human. or that's what he thinks...)
A lot has happened since then. It had been almost a year since that day and the two best friends that are still alive, still feel the darkness every single day just like they were told they would.
When they try to save their friend Lydia Martin out of Eichen House and the hands of a scientist that performs experiments on supernatural creatures... something goes wrong, like it always does, and Stiles falls into the hands of the scientist instead.

This fanfic takes place after Episode 15 of Season 5.
This fanfic is about Stiles and the main ship is Stydia.
There are NO Dread Doctors and no Beast of Gevaudan.
There is NO Theo and his chimera-pack (maybe I will put them in the sequel)

I do not own Teen Wolf or any of it's characters. I simply made the plot and wrote a fanfiction using Jeff's characters.

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- - Feb 28, 2017
Okay is it just me or when you saw the title "The Stilinski Bloodline" you thought of Naruto xD
NightcoreFairy NightcoreFairy Jun 07, 2016
That was amazing!! when are you going to upload the next chapter??