A Nick Bateman Fan-fiction: Unexpected Encounters

A Nick Bateman Fan-fiction: Unexpected Encounters

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Shanaya By lil-bad-gal Updated Nov 03, 2016

A Nick Bateman Fan-fiction..
By: lil-bad-gal..

#87 in Werewolf as on Oct 14'16

The story Unexpected Encounters: A Nick Bateman Fan-fiction is the story of an everyday average nerd, who's often ignored by others, Shawna..

The story basically revolves around Shawna and her unexpected mate who's no one other than the one and only Nick Bateman, who's also her celebrity crush, who also happens to be a Werewolf.. As the Wolfy secret about Nick comes out, and Shawna is taught and told everything about Werewolf-Human mates, she also discovers some other people's secrets..

Apparently Nick's not the only "celebrity-werewolf" around.. This story is not just about Shawna's unexpected encounter with Nick.. ;)

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ReshnaChittanattil ReshnaChittanattil Dec 07, 2017
Well since you're obsessed with our beloved Nick.....write even more stories about him....please...*puppy eyes*
tottyman679 tottyman679 Jul 05, 2016
I don't know why but I hate gluteus maximises and breasts even though I'm a girl.
loveyourself46 loveyourself46 Oct 18, 2016
omg i love nick bateman soooo much i wish in was her can u change her name to name to olivia plzzzz
loveyourself46 loveyourself46 Oct 18, 2016
it was really funny i love it even tho its just the beginning