Hey, Turn Around, Bend Over (I'll show you where my shoe fits)

Hey, Turn Around, Bend Over (I'll show you where my shoe fits)

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Cock Pocket By Premacolor Updated Jul 08, 2016

I want to tell you how much I love you but my words get stuck on my tongue.
Then don't tell me, show me.
Let me sense it through your movements.
Let me see it in your eyes when you look at me.
Let me hear it in your heartbeat, with my head upon your chest.
Let me taste it on your lips, and feel it on my skin as your fingertips brush over it.


In this Modern!AU Hamilton and Jefferson are sworn enemies. Exposing sex scandals, getting kicked out of classes for being disruptive, requesting the other kill themselves-- the whole package. But fate once again requires a hurricane and some tears to bring people together. This is a very painfully fast moving plot, so of you want me to rewrite it in a different form, please comment down below!
Don't take the title seriously, there isnt any really hard core NSFW. Just soft core. I might do a lil chapter with it if at a high demand, but thats still very eh. 
But seriously, this is just the roleplay a friend and I are doing and its full of angst and sin so strap in folks for the time of your life.

List of people dead/not talking to Hamilton: John Laurens, Eliza Schyler, Angelica Schyler, Peggy Schyler-- more to come

I don't know why but I want next chapter to be smut but it's your book so ye
a n d   t h e y   b o t h   k n o w   w h a t   t h e y   k n o w
LukeYouIdiot LukeYouIdiot 2 days ago
Ham's gonna ignore that Jefferson just turned into Lafayette?
LukeYouIdiot LukeYouIdiot 2 days ago
                              WHATS YOUR DAMAGE, HEATher!
Are we not gonna focus on the fact that he called him pretty
I don't want to be that one grammar obsessed person, but it'd be "you're" instead of "your"