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The Girl (MatingSeason! Natsu × Reader)

The Girl (MatingSeason! Natsu × Reader)

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*ahem* YAOI!!!!!!!!!! By _TheFujoshi_ Updated Jun 29, 2016

(Y/N): Your Name
(L/N): Last name
(F/E): Favourite Element.
(H/C): Hair Color. 
(F/F): Favourite Food.
(E/C): Exceed Color.
(E/N: Exceed Name.
(Y/N) (L/N) was the newest member in Fairy Tail. She was a (F/E) dragon slayer. She's part of Team Natsu. She was good friends with her team. One day, Her, Levy, and Mira were told to stay away from there dragon slayer friends.

I forgot about my previous exceed so my exceed will now be Ross the exceed that looks like a sloth!
                              He's a grey exceed.
                              He's my pal.
                              (Shít. plz get the joke. It took me ages to think of)
skate_Chic skate_Chic Apr 04
Fanfics are a big deal don't laugh at me I will push you off this train!!!!
1StormyFox 1StormyFox May 17
Popcorn? For breakfast?  Heeeeeeeellllll yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!
I didn't know what Drarry was so I searched it and couldnt stop  laughing about how perfect it was😂😂😍😍
DRARRY IS LOVE! DRARRY IS LIFE! (Harry Potter x Draco Malfoy)
Or Natsu being a horny little stalker....or just a bird.....