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The Girl (MatingSeason! Natsu × Reader)

The Girl (MatingSeason! Natsu × Reader)

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Ben so cute ^^ By _RandomAnimeTrash_ Updated Jun 29, 2016

(Y/N): Your Name
(L/N): Last name
(F/E): Favourite Element.
(H/C): Hair Color. 
(F/F): Favourite Food.
(E/C): Exceed Color.
(E/N: Exceed Name.
(Y/N) (L/N) was the newest member in Fairy Tail. She was a (F/E) dragon slayer. She's part of Team Natsu. She was good friends with her team. One day, Her, Levy, and Mira were told to stay away from there dragon slayer friends.

Andere_Art Andere_Art 5 days ago
I forgot about my previous exceed so my exceed will now be Ross the exceed that looks like a sloth!
                              He's a grey exceed.
                              He's my pal.
                              (Shít. plz get the joke. It took me ages to think of)
Thealliecat345 Thealliecat345 7 days ago
I didn't know what Drarry was so I searched it and couldnt stop  laughing about how perfect it was😂😂😍😍
Andere_Art Andere_Art 5 days ago
Oh. My exceed is a girl?
                              Well Ross always wanted to be a princess.
Baku is terrible trash (*takes the ship and burns In fire*) BURN BABY BURN
fictionloverhp fictionloverhp Dec 01, 2016
                              I DIED!!!!?!?!
DigEwolf DigEwolf Nov 24, 2016
I totally DIDNT think the cover of the book was natsu flipping you off...