The Huntress Becomes the Wolf (Complete)

The Huntress Becomes the Wolf (Complete)

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I've always known I was different from the other hunters. My senses were always sharper, my sight more defined. Everything about me screamed different, but yet I was somehow able to hide it. Some of my extra strengths I kept from the other hunters simply because I knew that it would draw unnecessary attention to myself. I already was one of the star hunters simply because of my linage. My father was in charge, with my mother as his second in command. People said I looked just like my parents, with my glossy black hair and storm gray eyes but that was where the similarities ended. I thought that I had hid everything pretty well, but little did I know my so called 'brother' would be the one to ruin it all.  

Follow Lucie Davis through her world of betrayal, lies, and heartbreak as she tries to discover the meaning of family and the truth about her past as she journeys to uncover her true destiny.   

Huntress Becomes the Wolf   
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Fate Bound Trilogy Book 1

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Nickelleluvsbooks Nickelleluvsbooks May 30, 2018
Sorry I voted too many times so...
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neonblues_ neonblues_ Jun 17, 2016
Wow. Okay. I'd leave at that point and ball my eyes out in the process.
Lxnxi__ Lxnxi__ Jul 09, 2016
Little did he know that if her brother didn't find out, she could possibly be hunting them down in the future. How's that for a Luna? 😂😂😂
Borntosingwithdrama Borntosingwithdrama Jun 20, 2016
If I was you, I wouldn't go handing 'round my details to an Alpha, mate or not, like a free samples person hands out free stuff.
alyssa_swagger alyssa_swagger Apr 01, 2016
I like that she told him straight up instead of waiting later for a problem to arise and then tell him.
randombean_xo randombean_xo Feb 01, 2017
I'm so proud he didn't hurt her bc she was raised by hunters