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Aria Taneki is

Ghost is a hacker in Japan who takes from rich and giving to poor via bank databases.

She's also the loner girl with that nickname at Ouran Academy. 

Though the connection between the two is pretty obvious, no one can seem to figure it out. And when the Host Club finds her out, they don't just find out her identity. They find out her past; the only way they'll keep their knowledge under wraps? Read and find out!

(RE: Stay Away)

People say it's violet, but I always thought it was blue; it's like when people mistake Kaori Miyazono's eyes as "blue" but they're not blue, they're GREY 
                              (Sorry I'm ranting)
Drowning_out_sound Drowning_out_sound Dec 25, 2016
I had to reread this three times before realizing she was talking about god. (Kami-sama). I feel dumb lol
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 08, 2016
Yes it's finally out!!!!
                              It's a nice chapter so far!
                              Keep it up!!!
                              Can't wait for the next one!
Yuko_Tsukino Yuko_Tsukino Oct 18, 2016
When you mention that she's a hacker I instantly thought of 707
Dude, read the title and started singing Mr Rogers neighborhood
Yummbunn Yummbunn Jun 10, 2016
                              First here,
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                              And first to say this series so far is awesome!!!!