T-Rex Girl (A Jurassic World Imagine)

T-Rex Girl (A Jurassic World Imagine)

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This will be about Jurassic World. However I'm adding things in and I don't know all the dialogue exactly. 

Emily Grant is the daughter of the famous Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler. Yes, the legends that survived the first Jurassic Park. Emily has loved dinosaurs since third grade when her class went on a field trip to the Dinosaur Museum. She never stopped loving the once living amazing creatures. She was like a sponge and her brain soaked up all the dinosaur facts she heard. When she got a letter from Dr. Henry Wu about wanting her to become a T-Rex trainer, she couldn't help but get excited. She knew all that could go wrong with training a Tyrannosaurs Rex but she still wanted to go. The letter informed her that she'd fly to Isla Nublar which was off the coast of Costa Rica. They were still building the park so while that was happening, In-Gen would hatch dinosaurs. This way when the park was open, not all the dinosaurs would be babies. Emily would be there when the T-Rex hatched so that she could imprint on it while it was young. Read the story to follow Emily's adventure as she grows with the T-Rex and meets new people. (Including Owen Grady, aka, "Raptor Man".  ) Will Emily fall in love with the trainer?

BOOK 1 in Jurassic World Series

BOOK 1: T-Rex Girl
BOOK 2: Aria Rae - The Velociraptor // Jurassic World (Still a draft :/ )

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