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sad jhope stan By -peachyseok Completed


"Is that kid new or something?"

"He's been in your class for years now."

Ended: 9.4.16

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zsuzsifabian zsuzsifabian Oct 30, 2016
Every ship deserves a ship and I love every kind of ship *-* Is that make sense?? XD Anyway, I understand what you mean. I don't like when people ship Jin and Suga but I'm never compaining about it.
fierdenlie fierdenlie Dec 19, 2016
well my ultimate ship is namjin, but vhope is an otp that's too fragile i can't even
                              ilysm for making a vhope inside namjin's ff ♡
TheIndianGhost TheIndianGhost Dec 07, 2016
Idek who to ship anymore it's now just bts member x bts member regardless of who it is tbh
eroticc eroticc 2 days ago
i think all vhope shippers feel terrible when they see vkook but we don't complain, so i don't think vkook shippers should have a problem, because we suffer more.
I actually like you already 😂 I ship Vhope more than Vkook (I ship jimkook tbh)
-jiminish -jiminish Nov 29, 2016
VHOPE IS THE SHIP THAT GOT ME INTO THE BTS SHIPS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OML IM EXCITED !! plus there seriously isn't enough fanfic contain vhope ):