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When I stood up and  reach for the door.
I was forcefully turn around..making my back lean in the back door..
He snatch the purse and shoes in my hand,
throwing it carelessly on the ground.
I stared back at him just to be swayed by his presence.
his  face is only inches away from mine.
"We're do you think your going little kitten?" He asked smirking at me.
I felt my heart skip a beat.
I definitely needed to get out of here..
I'm harboring too much foreign emotion, i never felt when I'm with Harris..
This is absolutely crazy..!
"Look..I'm sorry to bother you and cause you trouble..
But please let me go... I wanted to go home now..." I pleaded at him.
I saw his amused face and then he smiled devilishly...

"I was thinking of letting you go when you sober, but now, After what you said,I change my mind...
Let me show you little kitten what it likes to be rude and bad..!" he grip both of my hand up above my head and slam his lips on mine. 

Alexandria Morgan was mortified after knowing the person she had one night stand is a billionaire who owns a lot of business in America and around the world.

She doesn't know sleeping with him is the start of  a never ending misery in her life.
She got pregnant,was kick out of her parents house and was force to stop in finishing her studies.

After six years she receive a notice stating that Clyde Harlington wants  to claim her son but she can avoid it from happening on one condition.
She have to marry him without divorce!

(Matured content inside)
(Drama a bit)
(Love,chasing,Intriguing story)

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oneembarrassinglife oneembarrassinglife May 29, 2017
I thought they were best friends. Aren't they supposed to know each other's boyfriend atleast. If not his History ?
berriefairy berriefairy May 02, 2017
The  lines are a bit difficult to read but non the less so far its good
Aww I wish I can have a friend like Zoe... I love it well done 👍🏻
meloserdoff meloserdoff May 02, 2017
She should break up with him at school and say she had a bet with her friends that she could date him for a year for $1000
soul_keeper12 soul_keeper12 Sep 25, 2017
I like this story but with the way it's typed makes it harder to read
Nikkireadw Nikkireadw Oct 07, 2016
Awesome start! I'm liking it already. I would've punch that jerkface & kick him in the balls. Yeah!!! And does that slut cheerleader has to bear my name Nicole? Hahahaa...I really don't mind :D