Marvel Smut (Requests CLOSED) (#Wattys2016)

Marvel Smut (Requests CLOSED) (#Wattys2016)

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Luna Maximoff By LittleEmpath Updated Sep 02

This is where I write my smut.

Yes, eventual timeskip. SORRY. 

Marvel only. I take requests.

Can you make a Dom!Male!Reader × Bucky smut where they were both saved from Hydra and now live with the Avengers and they were always close because they were made partners on missions and they both love each other but don't know the other loves them
Nick Fury x female
                              Plot: The female reader has had a terrible and her boyfriend, Nick, makes it all better
horanpov horanpov Jul 13
female reader x wanda
                              she comes back after a mission and wants to let you know how much she misses you
horanpov horanpov Jul 13
female reader x natasha
                              nat is really stressed out over her assignments and needs to relax if you know what I mean
Can you please do a Steve X Fem! Reader one where she teaches him to ice skate and then turns to other things😜??
CeriseStan CeriseStan Aug 05
Bucky x loki  x  female  reader  
                              Not  really sure on a plot line but I can never find a smut story with both my guys so can you please write one for me.