The Girl with the Mask (Minecraft Diaries X Reader)

The Girl with the Mask (Minecraft Diaries X Reader)

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FluffieBunnie By Kara_The_Kat Updated Aug 03

A Minecraft Diaries Boys X Reader story.

You, (y/n) was living a simple life until your village was attacked and burned to the ground by O'khasis. During your escape, you encounter a village named Phoenix Drop. 

Slow updating process, sorry!

*me standing in the background with a glass of water*
                              this party's sick bro
LBOtaku LBOtaku Aug 02
Name: Oka Maysari
                              Favorite colour: blue
                              2nd. Fav. Colour: gold
                              Eye colour: very dark turquoise 
                              Hair colour: dark brown
                              Hair length: short
                              Sword type: Sapphire sword with golden handle and embellishments, in the shape of the demon sword from naruto
Fire strike
                              - (favorite color) flames
                              -handle in (favourite color) flames
                              -if you press the button under the handle the sword will transfirm into a cannon launcher
CoolGhost6 CoolGhost6 Jun 14
                              White fav 
                               Medium blue sec fav
                              white eyes
                              gold hair
                              waist lengh
                              Magicks(can i do that?)
itzKaroline itzKaroline Apr 23
Karoline Scarlett Eclipse (prefers to be called Scar)
                              Dark purple
                              Tosca (kinda blue-ish green)
                              2 katanas (titanium, painted dark purple, handles are black)
                              Does a Scythe count?