Lifelines(Urban Fiction)

Lifelines(Urban Fiction)

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Yannah Monroe By yannahMonroe Updated Feb 11, 2018

Nate Daniels is the most big hearted man you will ever meet. Always looking out for others rather than himself. That one generous routine got him where he is today. He had a good life. A beautiful girlfriend who was pregnant with his first child, Melony. She is, his world. After they had the baby, he started to see his "girlfriend" for who she really was. She was all about the money. He lost his job and she left, leaving their child with him to figure it all out himself.

Tony is one of the most beautiful black women you would ever see. So independent, money long and a freshly divorced woman. After learning of her parents death she loses her mind and ends up losing everything else that surrounds her. But before that she had a run in with nate. They had a minor car accident and she was rude as ever. She took all he had left not knowing it was all he had left.

When Nate pulls him self together and becomes apart of the Magna Cartel, moving heavy for Bone, the most dangerous man in New York and Tony loses everything she ever had, the roles are switched.

Another run in with these two will take you on an emotional roller coaster. They don't even know that their each others Lifelines.