We Go Down [Discontinued]

We Go Down [Discontinued]

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O damn By RockeronEx Updated Feb 12, 2017

The kids of South Park, happy, full of life, and bright, right? 
Here we discover the horrors of life, and just what these kids are seeing. 
What secrets lie ahead?

"Regret is a strong word, a lot of people feel it and well, I'm one of them. It's natural though, and people are quick to think we don't regret anything, but it's that that eats us alive. Or if your me, kills you multiple times over and over again, only for you to wake up in your bed with no one remembering that time you got hit with a semi truck, or that time you got hit with a train." -Kenny McCormick

South Park does not belong to me and neither do any of the characters, they belong to the beautiful trey Parker and Matt stone. 
There will be ships in this:  
Firkle X Ike, Stan X Kyle, Clyde X Kenny/possibly butters X kenny in the future, Craig X Tweek, Christophe X Gregory, Wendy X Bebe, possibly Cartman X Wendy and Karen X ruby.

[ this book is being discontinued, my apologies!! If anything changes in the future this will be brought back. Thank you and enjoy what's here]p

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SimplyHalsey SimplyHalsey Jun 10, 2016
when you forgot that this was a different book and forgot they weren't dating