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Draeyer Academy

Draeyer Academy

79K Reads 7.6K Votes 59 Part Story
Shane Dellera By leoconstellwriter Completed


The Draes are wild, dangerous, magnificent and powerful creatures that thrive in Kosmiks. In their presence, the ancestral rulers of the main skylands established Draeyer Academy. A place for the youth to learn how to unlock the powers they shared with their Draes. A place where they form bonds which keeps their world alive.
    Centuries later, a secret is stolen from the academy, prodding a search through the skies. And much to Alec Arden's displeasure, he gets suck into the mix after an encounter with one of the magical beasts leads to an unprecedented eventful night. Swept away from the cold and icy skyland he calls his home, they force him to attend Draeyer Academy to keep him safe. 
        While other students busy themselves with their school lives, Alec slowly learns that he has more on his plate than he already did.
          "The loss shall tip the balanced scales,
          And bring the fall of the heaven realm"
    Highest rank achieved #36 in Fantasy

zer0_MARJ_ittude zer0_MARJ_ittude Aug 06, 2016
Yaay! Finally found time to read your story. I like the cover, by the way.
Do you mind if I pinch this to get done as a tattoo? It's really cool
AnyellaDan AnyellaDan Jan 03
Well I must say that your computer drawing are wayyyyy better than mine.   If I try to draw this it won't even resemble what it is supposed to resemble!
yoshiro_hoshi yoshiro_hoshi Jul 06, 2016
Alam mo...ang astig nito!!!!!
                              Dapat itong ma-discover!!!!!!!!!!
firedance_icesong firedance_icesong Sep 11, 2016
Is the world in air? Like all the lands are floating in space?
Kawaiipandadog Kawaiipandadog Dec 23, 2016
The song of Balance? 
                              Made me think about the Sorting Hat song o-o