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Uncle Pete

Uncle Pete

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t By PeterickPhan Completed

Patricks a very shy awkward teenager with two friends and a guitar.  He has a pretty decent life.  His parents are divorced but they get along well still and his mom has full custody.  His aunt lives with them because she can't afford a house until after her wedding.  Her fiancé came with her of course.  But issues occur when the two meet.  Issues like feelings and love.

I don't really do hugs unless it's someone I like or my friends
Stoppp I just went from laughing so hard with tears falling down  my face to a coughing fit 😭😭😂😂😂
lakeeffectkids lakeeffectkids Dec 20, 2016
crying this is literally me as a mom if i have a child that's gay
i tHOUGHT BRENDON WAS THE GUY JENN WAS DATING, i mISS READ THAT SO WRONG! ((Forgive me for my sins <not tragedies>))