Don't Make Me Love You~ a Sirius Black FanFiction

Don't Make Me Love You~ a Sirius Black FanFiction

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No, it's not. Pull yourself together Cassio! No weaknesses!
Cassio Smith discovered something very concerning during the summer after her fifth year at Hogwarts. She LIKED Sirius Black, the famous player, bad boy, prankster, and her best friend. It sounded like those goddamn romance novels that Lily read. 

Other than the obvious growing like for one of her best friends (ugh), Cassio has to deal with school (ugh) and the ever growing reputation of the Marauders to hold up. And of course, there will be pranking and detention, as is the usual with the Marauders.

"You know you like me, Red."

"I might, Black, but don't make me love you."

My amazing cover was done by @two-am!

DISCLAIMER: Everything and everyone you recognize is unfortunately not mine and belongs to the amazing JK Rowling!

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