'The Desire' A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story. (TVD Fanfiction)

'The Desire' A Klaus Mikaelson Love Story. (TVD Fanfiction)

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Elle Miglioranza By ElleMiglioranza Completed

On Star's 21st birthday she had found out that she is the unum praeditos, that her purpose for being on the earth is to fight the evil that will be unleashed into our world and that only she can stop.  For over 500 years she had lived lonely life until the day she met Niklaus Mikaelson, she fell deeply in love with him. They married and life seemed perfect for a while. Until Star discovered what Niklaus and his family were......
Star had been in hiding centuries not letting anyone getting close to her until the year 1863 when she moved to Mystic Falls where Giuseppe Salvatore gave her a home. Star relationship with the brothers grew over time, Damon and Star became the best of friends, whereas Stefan and Star a something began bloom. Then a familiar lady turned up in town that Star thought she would never meet again, Katherine Pierce and ruined everything for Star and drove her out of town.

After 147 years she knew her time was approaching to defeat the evil that she had been told about over the years. Star began to embrace her power and true potential of her gift. She had heard that Stefan and Damon were turned into vampires by the one and only Katherine and are currently residing in Mystic Falls. 
Star choosing to go back to Mystic Falls to finally face the brothers after all of these years. Lives will be turned upside down.... 

How will Stefan react in seeing the woman who he loved that walked away from him with no explanation? How will Klaus react when he see his dead wife after 500 years? Will Elena finally meet her match with Star? How will Damon feel about his best friends walks back into their lives?  Is Star going to really shake things up in Mystic Falls......

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gaaraxlync46 gaaraxlync46 Jun 13, 2016
But if she's basically a witch she should be able to sense that they're vampires
AlExIsMuNoO AlExIsMuNoO Jul 18, 2016
I. Freaking. Love. This.😭😭😭😍😍👏👏👌👌😤
Alyna_Kp Alyna_Kp Feb 07
Hey Elle!! I'm reading this book for the third time and I never get bored. Love it!!✌✌
Multimalesforlife Multimalesforlife Sep 23, 2015
Then her name wasn't Katherine pierce it was just Katerina Petrova. Katherine pierce was her cover up name from when she ran away from Klaus
Starfire14 Starfire14 Mar 30, 2015
I hated klaus when I seen him on the show but now I'm starting to like him but damon is the one on top of the list. BTW I feel sorry for him
holyKisses holyKisses Mar 24, 2015
This is great and I'm glad to have finished with this chapter and I think I will continue on with this book and then I'll read your Epic Love one