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Save Me, I Dare You (Completed)

Save Me, I Dare You (Completed)

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Shadow Girl By DarkAngelsRisen5 Completed

Rosemary White is the good girl who everybody loves. Her brother is the star quarterback and she has wonderful best friends who have her back no matter what. Boys hit on Rosemary but she is oblivious to it, having her sights on someone who to her was 'forbidden'.

Ryder Black is the typical bad boy who takes crap from nobody along with his two brothers. They run the school, and no one dares mess with them, not even the football players. Ryder is mean, rude, and worst of all, uncaring, but that all changes one day when he bumps into the known good girl known as Rosemary White. After that, everything changes. 

So what happens when Ryder shows up in Rosemary's bedroom one night and says the five little words that change everything...

"Save me, I dare you."


Aiden Black is the boy know one could ever tame. He was moody, hateful, and most of all, he hurt anyone who tried to hurt his family. But then again, he had a huge secret he didn't want anyone finding out about. For if they did, he knew it would be the end of the famous Aiden Black. No one would look at him the same ever again and he didn't want that. He was cold and heartless but when a certain someone comes into his life, everything changes and he finds himself falling hard and falling fast. But what happens when he finds out he was just being played? Nothing was ever going to be the same. 


Sebastian Black is the boy who didn't speak because of everything that had been done to him when he was younger. But he has feelings, feelings he wishes will go away but they don't. He wants them gone because the person he loves is the person who has hurt him for so long. But what happens when the person he loves returns those certain feelings back? Will Sebastian run and push the person out or will it turn into something even more?

Read to find out.

XxKay-xX XxKay-xX May 02
I was gonna ask how they have different eye colors but my nieces has blue eyes like my grandfather and everyone else is brown or green
Misty_m2003 Misty_m2003 Jun 21
Why would it matter even if they were broken who cares if there broken or not?!
dreamslovehopes dreamslovehopes Jun 07, 2016
Honestly first chapter an I'm loving it. Update more keep writing this book will obviously have a future. And I'll be in it because your book is wonderful.☺
hello_its_kaysa hello_its_kaysa Jul 12, 2016
that my last name plus she matches my description minus the pixie hair cut
ambitiousintestine ambitiousintestine Aug 23, 2016
I am a bit confused after reading the summary. Is this story about all three black brothers or is it just about Ryder Black and Rosemary White?
Kimjiman23 Kimjiman23 Jul 11, 2016
This is so good. I love it already and I'm just on the start. Looking forward to reading the rest of it