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Full Moon Fling *Unedited*

Full Moon Fling *Unedited*

145K Reads 1K Votes 32 Part Story
Swinnie By Psycho_Scribbler96 Completed

Life has never been easy for Alba Fife and it doesn't seem to be making itself any easier after the new Irishman arrives at school.  Two packs, two unstable Alphas and one split decision that changes everything.  As the time ticks past and Alba meets Eoin, she starts to realise that there's more to life than existing on her own.  But is Eoin the answer to all her problems, or the catalyst to a huge disaster that cannot be undone?

MillionLaughsAMinute MillionLaughsAMinute Jul 01, 2013
                              Considering she's Scottish, if she didn't know where Edinburgh was, people would start asking questions...and she's pretty clued up on her Scottish geography! Besides, if anyone uses Kinross as a base for a story, then they have to know where Edinburgh is...
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Jul 01, 2013
                              Ah, I see what may cause the problem.  The reference to 'foreign' students was not about Colin.  It was a statement about the student from somewhere that isn't Kinross; something unusual in her year group BEFORE he joined.
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Jul 01, 2013
                              I'm fully aware of that.  What makes you think I don't?
AmberIsTheBest1997 AmberIsTheBest1997 Jul 01, 2013
You do know tht Edinburgh is in scotland, not Ireland right? Just saying :)
MillionLaughsAMinute MillionLaughsAMinute Apr 26, 2013
Casually re-reading the comments from two years ago and thinking, "How the hell were we so cool?" :L
Psycho_Scribbler96 Psycho_Scribbler96 Jan 06, 2012
                              I know the feeling :S but feels like just yesterday we STARTED talking!