The Speedster and the Archer

The Speedster and the Archer

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When Barry was very young, his mother was murdered by some strange force and his father was ripped from his grip, crying out to Barry, telling the small eight year old boy to remain strong. Even though they gave the man back to his son, Barry could never un-see what had happened to his mother. Ever since that day, Barry believed in the impossible, no matter what other people told him.


Belle!Barry meets Beast!Oliver and they fall in love.
I may miss a few details.

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ABCcat1234510 ABCcat1234510 Nov 14, 2017
sorry, I have to correct you. his mom was murdered when he was 11.
thiswinchestertrash thiswinchestertrash Nov 11, 2017
Someone call the fire department because he just got burned 😎😎
DasJansel DasJansel Mar 19, 2017
Yeah... just put the main part of the disney movie (I just saw this) in this tiny paragraph. It's totaly okay but I want to read this part too... In full leanght (did I spell this right? I'm not sure...)
So Beauty and the Beast.... Yep ok we're going there... belle gaston beast an all.
gyi136 gyi136 Dec 17, 2017
                              He transformed but isn't he still wounded?
Omg I love what you have done, you put two of my favorite things together