Destiny Awaits (On Hold!)

Destiny Awaits (On Hold!)

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Ash By ThatCrazySingle Updated Jun 07, 2016

Chapter One

My birthday. Eighteen. A whole year older than Edward. How much older would I have to get before he let me become like him? Would he wait until I was old, until I had wrinkles and grey hair? I just felt depressed, when I should have felt happy. I knew that Alice made a big deal of it, I was pretty sure that she had organised a party. She'd been acting strangely all week.

Edward, of course, was thrilled. He had no intentions of ever letting me become what he thought of as a soulless monster. In his eyes, every birthday was a gift, the longer he could hear my heart beating, the better. I knew that one day I'd bring him around to my way of thinking. Alice had seen it, seen a vision of us together, arm in arm, ghostly pale with butterscotch eyes. I couldn't wait.

I pulled up outside the Cullen's, knowing that the rumbling engine of my truck would have let them know I was on my way, even before I had turned down the drive. I took a deep breath, and tried to prepare myself, al...

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