YANDERE Male x Reader

YANDERE Male x Reader

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Ran By niatisya Updated Nov 16, 2017


Nakagawa Hiro, the cute and kind kid in school, is always by your side. You think that this is the only way he shows you that he appreciate you, but who knows about the truth that's rotting underneath?

Finally! A book about Hiro! I'm so excited to write this book. I can't update on weekdays, just weekends. Please check out my other yandere x reader stories. Enjoy~


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Wolfiethephsyco Wolfiethephsyco Aug 21, 2017
If he would ask me to go home with him I would make him carry me because I'm that lazy
Hmm.....for what I know, cursing helps you release stress.......it's true tho
IShipIt571 IShipIt571 Sep 21, 2017
Is this what Usui feels like?
                              Or Laito?
                              Or basically any hot,perverted anime guy?
Honeymunchmama Honeymunchmama Jun 24, 2017
Roses are red 
                              You are tricky 
                              Kidnap the boss 
                              And no more balls
- - Aug 14, 2017
*knees him in the balls and stomps on his kneecap* Stupid milk bag. I WILL SNAP YOUR ACHILLES TENDON SO YOU CANT WALK, DONT TEST ME
- - Aug 14, 2017
*blinks* Sorry, "kidnap" me? *bursts into laughter* OH GOD, KIDNAP ME!? *slaps thighs and is panting from laughter* YOU WOULDNT EVEN WANT TO STAY AS MY ROOMMATE! IM REALLY THAT- *passes out because shes out of breath from laughing*