YANDERE Male x Reader

YANDERE Male x Reader

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Ran By niatisya Updated Jun 22


Nakagawa Hiro, the cute and kind kid in school, is always by your side. You think that this is the only way he shows you that he appreciate you, but who knows about the truth that's rotting underneath?

Finally! A book about Hiro! I'm so excited to write this book. I can't update on weekdays, just weekends. Please check out my other yandere x reader stories. Enjoy~


Sonnokawa Sonnokawa May 02
Ladieess please, its a yandere story of course it's Reader chan who gets the dudes
Roses are red 
                              You are tricky 
                              Kidnap the boss 
                              And no more balls
- - Jun 25, 2016
Thank you for the awesome chapter can't wait for the next😃
Nova-Galaxy Nova-Galaxy Jan 03
I would've just grabbed onto Kin for dear life.  \(¬.¬)7 because he is annoying.
soda0409 soda0409 Oct 22, 2016
I wuv you too. Now, get out and eat this pack of marshmallows *shoves marshmallows*
MiniGrim MiniGrim Jun 30, 2016
You can make Hiro kidnap (Name)-chan whenever you want. You are the author remember. Also, Hiro would probably say something like: "It's never too early for kidnapping... or children. Hehehe."