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slowly coming back ! By kenmahs Updated Apr 18


"To take,
       One must first give."

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Princesswinged Princesswinged Jun 15, 2016
Howdy. I was wondering if you could do a futuristic AU, where reader and Doug fight time villains. If you could have outfit descriptions, that would be great, but if not, it's cool. Thank you extremely much.
JustMeWoo JustMeWoo Aug 21, 2016
Can you do a one shot of worick x reader about how they hook up one night and the reader ends up getting pregnant but she doesnt till him anything until years later when they meet again.
KeshuAsd KeshuAsd Jun 15, 2016
Finally!! I'm really excited now, it's really hard to find something related to gangsta :D I'll be waiting for your new updates<3<3
Anadia_theArtist Anadia_theArtist Jun 28, 2016
I love both of your Nicolas x Reader writings. They're both so precious😁😁 I'd love to see more in the future💕😅
eeek I can't wait to read this ~ there's not enough Gangsta stuff out!
muffinkelly muffinkelly Jun 14, 2016
Its awesome that you are going to try and make it gender neutral, I wanted to do that for my story but I guess it would of been too difficult for me.