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xoxo_annie_exo By xoxo_annie_exo Updated Jun 28, 2017

What if there was a school for the magicals, in Korea?      

Park Sarang is suddenly transferring to Park Chan Jae High School, the most famous and rich high school of ALL TIME. But Park Chan Jae High isn't your normal all-rich-kids high school. What if it was more than that?     

 What if it was a school for those who had powers, just like EXO? You bet it's true. PCJHS is your powerful and magical world of high school, just  . . . . slightly different. 

What if Park Sarang, a normal high school girl gets unbelievable powers and suddenly becomes so special and powerful? Along the way, Sarang will make some new friends and some dangerous enemies, but what relationship will really last?   

Sarang befriends the 12 EXO members; later on, one by one, they start falling for her. Can she save the world AND find love?

{ slow updates due to school }

| daebak cover made by: @Linesix |

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ingridc23 ingridc23 Mar 08, 2016
Love it. I made a exo fanfic to please check it out if you have the chance:)
MalecIsBaeee MalecIsBaeee Aug 16, 2016
For your first fanfic, this is amazing! This is the second time I'm reading this and trust me, you are easily my favourite author! 😙
sleepeatRepeat_ sleepeatRepeat_ Apr 05, 2016
Even though I'm not a fan of EXO I think I'll enjoy this story
chanerdinity chanerdinity May 13, 2016
Waah! Lee Minhyuk like THE Lee Minhyuk of BTOB? OMG!
                              OH BTW, I already love this story even if I'm just starting to read this
noikigai noikigai May 08, 2016
Hello! 💖
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