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NoHateJustLove By BigBadSofty07 Updated May 11

What if someone hurt you so bad that made you stop talking. Made you feel like you couldn't trust anyone. What if that person made you feel worthless made you feel extremely bad about yourself. What if this person lived under same roof as you. 

Meet Y/N she's 17. When she was 13 her mother and older sister left without a trace. Living Y/N with her dad. Everything was fine the first couple days with out her mom and sister. But one day Y/N's father came home drunk. 

Just cause Y/N's life went downhill when she was 13 doesn't mean she gave up in School she tried hard in school even stayed longer if she had to. She played soccer cause it made feel at ease. She also had a job. A job that didn't require her to speak a lot. 

But what if one day there's a new girl. A girl who finds you interesting and does everything to get you to talk. What if this girl starts breaking the walls you've build around your heart. What if this girl makes you feel what no one has made you feel before. What if this girl turns out to be someone you could trust something you haven't done since your mom and sister left. 


The girls aren't famous in this one. Well in the beginning they aren't.

I would shrug n say anything n I didn't I said I can't u piece of a bit n then mumble that probably y mom left but then again I wouldn't cuz that would just provoke him n that's not a good thing to do
Bruh nah I'd cut his dick up n put it in Hus food n make him eat it. I'll burn where his dick used to be to stop the bleeding
and ever since then...i was lost in the closet and i can and will never come out
                              THE END
WolfieDagger22 WolfieDagger22 Jul 13, 2016
Please keep going I really like this story got me already as a fan ♡
Loved2Read71 Loved2Read71 Dec 16, 2016
Dang, that just plain sad..
                              ..and what is it with Pop's eyes full of anger?...🤔🤔🤔
Loved2Read71 Loved2Read71 Dec 16, 2016
Goodness sake, how did he even know...and no bloody words were even spoken to him too...