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The Dragon who was Ice Cold ー AnY Fanfic

The Dragon who was Ice Cold ー AnY Fanfic

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Bomi 。 By mintaes- Updated Nov 03, 2016

"Rizu, why is everyone so afraid of us?"

"...Humans can't see the good in people like us. They see us as people who are different--monsters."

"But no matter what you do Miyuki, you must never think bad of yourself..."


Could there be a fifth dragon? 
Legend said, four people would risk their lives to protect their king, but there was one dragon. A dragon who was treated differently and nothing more. Everything this warrior did, never got acknowledged. The miss-treated dragon warrior honestly just wanted to protect his majesty, but non of this negative treatment stopped, so only one thing happened to this warrior.  This dragon, known as the Ice Dragon, became ice cold. . .

Unfortunately a certain girl named Miyuki was chosen to be the Ice Dragons next avatar. Will she progress as the dragon who was know to be ice cold? Or will it turn out different for this not so ordinary girl?  


[All pictures, gifs, etc. I use in this story belong to their rightful owners.]
[Akatsuki no Yona belongs to Mizuho Kasanagi.]


Amazing cover by @chocobros

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