It's Called The CEO's Order (manxman) (book 3)

It's Called The CEO's Order (manxman) (book 3)

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When signing a contract, you have to read them. And when I say read them I meant read them PROPERLY. Even though how exhausted you are, tired you are, bored you are or even how busy you are, you have to read them..... before signing them.

After the past and the memories were vanished from Gregory's head, he managed continue living normally without a single knowledge about the past. Waking up in the morning, going to school and going back to the house are his daily routine except for Saturdays and Sundays where he goes out to the woods and read books alone.

After Gregory graduated from the university together with his friends, he wanted to go to another place and start a new life. A new city, a new place and a new beginning.

When Gregory applied at the most famous company in the country and tried his luck, a playful twist of faith happened. A whispering wish from the past came back to make his life more exciting and with a swift of a wind, a harmless blow of nature, will change his life forever. A wish that had been forgotten in the past will once again come back and intervene.

Lies will be cleansed, truth will be revealed, a secret that Gregory had been holding will be exposed and a person from the past will comeback.

When the pen touches the paper and scribbles his initials, a new chapter of his life begins.

Gregory was confused, he applied to be a finance adviser at the company so imagine the confusion when he was told at the first day of work that the grumpy, hot headed, arrogant, conceited and egoistic boss demanded for his new personal assistant.

He didn't want this but when his resignation will put him to jail under the said contract, the poor, young boy has no choice but to sigh heavily, scratch his head and follow........................... THE CEO'S ORDER.

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DommaTamz DommaTamz Jun 29, 2016
I read your all 2 book and It's so amazing,..  Because I feel angry, love, hate because I'm gay
Bacon-and-egg Bacon-and-egg Jun 07, 2016
I hope greg meet a hot guy in this book and make Blake cry, 
                              And please stop hurting greg  😭😭
I'm happy your finished this book because now I can start reading your story. I like to read finished ones. Have a nice day.
EthanKane EthanKane Nov 07, 2016
Havent read it yet but im sure Blake will be the CEO and all the people in the conpany will be in the Mafia and Greg will fall in love with him again. Im still gonna read though.
Bellasherko Bellasherko Jun 07, 2016
I just want to say this to anybody out there who is going to read that first two book : prepare your heart and mind okay? 😭😭
ayushaish ayushaish Jul 04, 2016
Oh please whoevrr is writing this story atleast in this story blake should not get gregory