The Butterfly Effect (Teen Wolf X Reader)

The Butterfly Effect (Teen Wolf X Reader)

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~Sinnamon roll~ By willyoubequiet Updated Jan 02

This is your story.
Your turn to decide.
No longer will you be pissed off at Jeff Davis for breaking our favourite characters.
Now it's your turn. 
You make the choices.
But remember that every choice you make will have a consequence.
History does often repeat itself.

In this book you will explore the Teen Wolf world of the quiet Beacon Hills. You decide almost everything and although the storyline will be very similar, as well as with all the same characters, there will be a butterfly effect. 

For example if you decide to hide with Scott or stay with Stiles as a distraction from the Sheriff in the woods they will lead you onto completely different paths.

Also careless actions might come back to you when you least expect it, so be careful.

I do not own any of the characters from Teen Wolf, they all belong to MTV. I don't own most of the story-line except for when you've made a choice that offers a different story, though I will mostly be following the episodes starting from the Pilot in season 1.
(You do not need to have watched Teen Wolf to understand it!) 

but I mean obviously you should because it is life.

Awesome cover made by @hailheda

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Rogue_Cheney_Wife Rogue_Cheney_Wife May 26, 2017
I love scarf boy and Ethan and Aiden and Kira what about Malia?
MrsMalachaiParker_ MrsMalachaiParker_ Jun 10, 2017
My father-in-law said something similar to my husband Stiles
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Existentia_Liv Existentia_Liv Dec 13, 2017
You cannot prove all of those those fandom-guy x reader fluffy smut-fics that people I follow keep re-blogging are enjoyable to me! No proof!
FairyTaillover160 FairyTaillover160 Aug 09, 2017
No you said it wrong it is either
                              Shank a hoe
                              And imma stab a bïtch
Existentia_Liv Existentia_Liv Dec 13, 2017
*is triggered* I’m sorry, were you born a military brat as well, fan-fiction-mom? No? Then don’t tell me moving frequently is so spectacular *pulls hood up and sulks in corner*