The Runaway Cure

The Runaway Cure

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The Cure Trilogy Book One

When the amount of Omega's being produce diminishes to almost nothing, the way packs look at omega's greatly change.

In Zoro's pack, that means omega's are treated as waste beneath their shoes, omega's are a shame to the pack, and Zoro being the only omega in his pack, is treated like dirt.

Zoro is raped and beat on a daily bases. Zoro has five pups from the product of his rape. After a particularly bad beating one day, Zoro decides he would rather be Rouge then live in a pack that doesn't except him.

In Riley's pack omega's are treated like the alpha is, Riley would know, because he is the alpha and he expect the utmost respect to all pack members, expecially omegas.

When Riley finds out that a Rouge has come into his territory he is furious, more so when he finds out the Rouge is an omega with five young pups with him.

What happens when Riley meets Zoro? What will the consequences be to the love that Zoro and Riley want, and need, to survive?

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Jihoona30 Jihoona30 Sep 26
A silver bullet mixed with wolf's bane right to the crotch for the Beta.
I admire how strong he is even though he has been though so much.