Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version,  Under Editing)

Percy Jackson The New God (Old Version, Under Editing)

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Annabeth leaves Percy for another guy. When the gods once again offer him immortality, Percy Accepts.  what will happen? Read to find out. 
Obviously I'm not Rick Riordan so I only own my ocs and the plot.
Note, This is the old version of this story and it was the first story I ever completed, I am currently rewriting it since I believe my writing has gotten better since I first wrote it and I want to fix the errors that it has. For the new version, I changed the title to the new god.

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I am... disgusted, *says really fast* you better talk to her before I do cause ama'  hurt her feelings
ItsYaBoyLuke ItsYaBoyLuke Jun 15, 2017
How about we think of it as the events that happened before the oracle broke
Senpai didn't get you guys thrown into Tartarus it was you annabitch~chan
*Void travels to Percy and Annawhore* sup so one has appointment with the realm of the faded
then, percy finds annabeth kissing another guy. typical percabeth betrayal!
This is not the Annabeth we all know and love. But I guess if she was it wouldn't really fit the story, now, would it?