Watching Miraculous Ladybug

Watching Miraculous Ladybug

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mrcls_ldbg By mrcls_ldbg Updated Jan 16

It was just a normal day for the students of Collège Françoise Dupont. Not normal until a white light appeared right in front of their eyes.

They were mysteriously transported into... a theater?

A booming voice was heard and explained what will happen;

"Welcome as you will be watching a show called, Miraculous: The tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir."

SundeeFaith SundeeFaith Jul 21
Plagg my spirit animal.😂 His love for Camembert, that's a relationship that will last forever. Until you digest it that is 😂
SundeeFaith SundeeFaith Jul 21
Adrien's also thinking "but you love me anyway 😻" (kitten eyes)
You that I think of it.....if we were actually the people getting terrorised by villeins and found out a guy can turn people into his slaves/server 4 maybe take over the world.....then it is scary
Henvincible Henvincible Jun 14
It's a great relief to be late for class but the teacher be late too. I was lucky my last year of school. I only tend to be late first hour, and my teacher wasn't much better than me for being on time.
I love this it's so much better than the other watching miraculous fanfic's