Sex Ed.  ||Xenissi||

Sex Ed. ||Xenissi||

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Sitting next to the most perverted guy in Sex Ed class is never fun.

NAAKKKTTAAA MYYY BABBBYYYY. SO precious. So kind. I love you so much honey (as u can tell, I'm TOTALLY unbiased 😂😂)
Jenni, ur allowed to punch him, just not in the face. He's too pretty for that
"I'm always straight"
                              "Man that's the biggest lie you've ever told"
                              I'm sorry if you get the reference 
So like, someone clarify for me, is it general ToppKlass headcannon that Sangdo is squad mom or like???? Cuz my friend and I can't even being to decide who squad mom is
xbygmygx xbygmygx Jan 26
I just burst out laughing and my uncle, who is watching tv, is judging me
kaisoophan kaisoophan Jan 27
I have two hour lessons on sexual ethics atm but it's actually really interesting and the teacher's really nice and makes awful dad jokes