~Royalty Sucks~ (Ereri)

~Royalty Sucks~ (Ereri)

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After both of his parents die, Levi becomes an orphan. He doesn't have a job and has nowhere to go, he can't stay with his friends since they are basically in the same position as him. The Royal Family, The Jägers, take pity on this poor boy, but Levi refuses their charity. Instead, he gets a job as the Prince's personal assistant. Of course, the bratty Prince is Eren Jäger. What will happen between the commoner and the Prince of Maria? Lets just say... STUFF WILL HAPPEN AND BADA BING BADA BOOM... BUTT SEX!!!! (You're welcome) 


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Silvermiss1 Silvermiss1 Nov 05
                              My heart
                              Did you see that? 
                              He gave her a jacket.
                              That's so sad.
                              I'm crying this is the saddest part of the story ohmyfuck how will I survive this encounter
*hisses in pain* Fuuuuuckkk.... did you really have to do that to my ovaries?
When someone keeps talking in the movie theater and it's just
Oh that's so cute you're in poverty. So was my my mother in her childhood and me for three months.
                              *decides this isn't funny and cries*
I'm so sorry I'm laughing. 😂 
                              "Hey dude, yo not-that-known peasant momma went belly up and royalty decided to deliver the news,
                              The Jaeger Family who lives far far away."