My Name Was Once Ithyll (Final Draft Preview)

My Name Was Once Ithyll (Final Draft Preview)

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Brian Christopher Chace By Rethelias Updated Jun 11, 2016

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Completed as of 9/12/2017 !!!

"With the moon befouled, a thousand nations fell to those who descended to the depths of blackness, those that lost their souls; The Nameless, those that feast upon the souls of the living..."

Hold onto your name, hold onto your soul!

Ithyll awakens, deep within a horrific, nightmarish landscape. He has no memory of his name, nor his history, or how he arrived in such a place. He finds himself surrounded by creatures of sheer horror, shambling undead, and doomsayers preaching prophecies of the apocalypse and the end of days. As his memories return to him, through the use of an ancient artifact, he discovers the depths of his past and the family with whom he is desperate to reunite. Will he survive the night, The Eye of Twilight? Or will he succumb to the darkness and lose his soul to the Nameless hordes that threaten the sanctity and life essence of the realms of Sandain?

 If you enjoy tales of epic fantasy, plots and counter-plots, dark and sinister villains, and intense, passionate love, please click to begin your adventure!

UPDATE: My Name Was Once Ithyll has since been completed as of 9/12/2017!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped me finish the first novel I've written in over ten years. I am humbled by the love, support, and criticism I've received on every aspect of Ithyll's grim tale. I am pleased to announce that I am currently in the process of editing, rewriting, and seeking out publication for all my hard work. Also for the fans of the MNWOI series, keep your eyes peeled for future novellas of other characters, and the continuation of Ithyll's fight against the darkness, and the search for his family.

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ccsmudge ccsmudge Jan 03
I'm interested in reading this book but apparently it ends on this chapter???  The info says it's finished. What's going on?
As if everything before wasn't a massive sign going "HA. NOPE!" it was at this moment of hearing the name, we knew he f'd up beyond salvation.
cherryblossom21231 cherryblossom21231 Sep 20, 2017
Hat's off to you. A friend recommended this to me and has been insistently crazy over it. I'm glad I actually, finally, listened to her. Now I know what all the fuss is about, and I have no regrets in opening this book. Can't wait to read the rest. I hope that you will continue this story.
Enri-Ai Enri-Ai Jan 22
I love how you paced your story. It makes me want to keep reading.
Arveliot Arveliot May 20, 2017
Nice start. Has a sense of Geralt of Rivia is dumped into an HP Lovecraft novel.
CheshireChi CheshireChi May 17, 2017
*raises hand* yes I do like that sound XD I had MANY coins in my pocket though I went to the fair........I went on that ride were all it does is going around and around up tho. -_- it was litterly raining money XD