Just One Word

Just One Word

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Percy Jackson is two years old when his father is 'lost at sea'. When he turns four, his mother is murdered right before his eyes. He is then forced to live with his stepfather. Gabe.  Gabe is an abusive, cruel man, and when he seizes the opportunity to take his frustration out on Percy, he does. But one night, all of that changed when Gabe finally told him the cold, hard, truth. Percy refused to believe it. So instead, he did the only thing that would ensure he wouldn't tell anyone the truth. He  quit talking. 

Bruce Banner was accustomed to people being afraid of him. But when two of his team members bring a little Percy into the Tower, he learns a new meaning of afraid. Percy is quiet like Bruce. Will they get along with an unbreakable bond, or will Percy be scared along with everyone else once he finds out the truth about Bruce?

All rights go to Rick Riordan and Marvel, for they own the characters. I only own the plot.

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Arachne3127 Arachne3127 Oct 30, 2017
I know reading this book will increase the heartbreak and crying emojis in my frequently used lol
baconpancakeseggs baconpancakeseggs 4 days ago
*to the mam* You wanna meet Mr.Pipe Da? *holding magic pipe*
They take an hour to make sure there isn’t very faint breathing
vivilife342 vivilife342 Jan 07
This is what actually happens, like no lie they tell you to come back the next day
Craftyninja011 Craftyninja011 Dec 18, 2017
Bring him back tomorrow? You've got to be kidding me. If they said that to me I would never come beck there again and go to a diffrent hospital!
DarkGoddess22 DarkGoddess22 Oct 27, 2017
Children are the future, and any bloody bugger. Truly people can be such  beslubbering ill-nurtured clotpoles