The Boxer and the Blogger

The Boxer and the Blogger

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el By summer_night Updated Jun 07, 2016

Boxer meets Blogger. It's hilarious, ludicrous, entertaining and amusing. I mean, how much more can I say.   

He's the boy your parents tell you to watch out for and avoid. He's good-looking, has that I-don't-give-a-shit-about-what-you-think- attitude and is surprisingly smart. Not that anyone really cares how smart he is, especially when you have lickable abs. I mean come on! Loner in the day, boxer by night.   

She's the girl that's content anywhere, as long as they have a working wifi and coffee. She's quirky, different and likes to travel alone. She's basically a one women show, and that's how it's always been. Blogger in the day...and well...blogger by night. So yeah, her life consist of what?   

So will someone please tell me why and how the hell they even crossed paths. Fate has a funny way of working sometimes. But maybe all along the pairing should of been a boxer and a blogger. Not a nerd and a jock or a nerd and a player. If they work out, I'll give fate the credit. That is ONLY if they work out, which they might not.

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LeahIsRadd LeahIsRadd Jun 14, 2016
"Do I look like booboo the fool to you?"
                                    ---- African American Proverb
Ailsaherondale Ailsaherondale Jun 19, 2016
I love Wade Poezyn!!!!!!! Which makes the front cover awesome!
confusedpeople confusedpeople Aug 02, 2016
well, it's definitely funny! can't wait to continue reading.
min-yoongis-hairline min-yoongis-hairline Jan 26, 2017
me when i let my friends on my longboard without atleast a helmet
tumblr_boyzx tumblr_boyzx Jan 13, 2016
Ok someone please answer this what is the name of The Model On The Cover ?????
Sapphire_34 Sapphire_34 Dec 31, 2015
I read ur info and excerpt and dayuuum dude! u already got me hooked on this book : )
                              I'll see you at the end sir, summer_night sir. *salutes dramatically*